It was amazing! I love your lovely way of teaching, your calmness, your confidence, your way of practicing. Exhausting and challenging, but not too crazy and not too sporty, a perfect mixture. And your moon mediation was amazing! You’re an amazing leader. So creative, lovely and warm. 
Yesterday I read a in a yoga journal of my time on Gili, I wrote about my first meeting with you. You told me you would like my outfit and style, I talked to you after the class how amazing it was and what is going on in myself. You found so amazing words, explained me a helpful pranayama and when I was leaving, you told me: You are beautiful, never forget about that. 
That was so heartwarming! And exactly what I needed to hear in this moment. I wrote you must have had a good sensitivity therefore!
Since your classes I took for my practices the hands in front of the forehead for lovely thoughts and so on, I love that! And I pass it on to my students, they like it as well. Thank you for every thing!